Marketing Planning Session AND PLAN!

It is imperative to understand WHY your restaurant is performing the way it is. Shift in trade area? Management turnover? Lack of new menu items? Through our Marketing Planning Session we conduct a strategic deep dive into your business, branding, market landscape, marketing plan/initiatives, and culinary focus to identify the hurdles we need to overcome to drive guests and sales into your restaurant.

The result? A custom plan outlining the analysis of the deep dive, marketing recommendations, marketing calendar and marketing KPIs to track success.


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Local Marketing & Promotions: The foundation for all restaurant marketing

Local Marketing

Local marketing is the crux for building a successful restaurant brand. Whether your a big national brand, an independent restaurant or somewhere in between, local marketing is critical. Let us provide your team with a toolkit with turnkey programs and elements to connect with your local community. Want to up level your local marketing? Let's chat about grassroot campaigns that align with your brand and take off virally. 


Interested in boosting a certain daypart (happy hour, breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night)? Let us define an objective, strategy, innovation and campaign to deliver guests and sales for your establishment. We will build out a culinary calendar and go to market launch plan to support the campaign.

Overlay Initiatives

Overlay initiatives are programs that overlap with your core culinary and marketing promotions. These consist of holiday marketing (identifying which holidays are best to celebrate based on your brand), ToGo programs and Catering programs to drive additional revenue streams.



Social & Digital Platforms: How to engage in the 21st century

Social Platforms

Social is an integral part of our society. Whether you prefer to post, tweet, or pin - your business needs to be socially relevant. There are 2 forms of approaching social platforms; organic and paid. Organic strategy and content development allows us to create a voice for your brand and engage through the vehicles with posts and videos. Paid strategy is primarily focused on advertising on the forums (facebook, instagram) through ads, boosted posts, etc. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There are a few ways to develop a CRM system.

First is having a healthy email database. Healthy not only in # of email addresses but quality of the database. A database with 1,000 emails with 65% of the database not having opened an email in a year is not optimal.   We can help drive your database and content strategy to keep a pipeline of emails to ensure engagement and a healthy, active database.

Secondly, loyalty programs in the restaurant industry are successful if executed the correct way. Although old school punch cards are still around, apps and websites allow us to take these programs to the next level (even being able to customize the experience for the guest based on preferences and transactions).

Digital Strategy

The majority of guests will check out your website and review sites (Yelp, Opentable, etc) prior to visiting your restaurant. Your website is a virtual storefront for your restaurant - it needs to represent your brand, showcase the menu with compelling images and have the address/contact information. Those are the basics. Of course, we'd also like you to have an email data capture functionality to build your database, online ordering capabilities, feature new NEWS, SEO integration and much more. 

In addition to having a kick butt website, we work with 3rd party delivery companies to get your establishment set up to ease the operational complexity of delivery. 



Media Strategy/Execution: Sometimes a necessary evil

Sometime's there is a need to leverage a mass media vehicle (TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Online and Retail) with advertising. Typically these are used to heighten a solid marketing plan to give the campaigns a jolt, delivering substantial guest count (also with a substantial price tag). The key is to determine which vehicle is best given your target audience/demographics, market landscape and marketing objectives.



Culinary & Beverage Innovation: Innovation is the secret to success

Culinary & Beverage Innovation

We love food. But its more than just love, we thrive on understanding what guests want and deliver on-brand innovative dishes and drinks. Dishes that drive repeat visits and build brand equity with your guests. Cohesive beverage programs that illuminate the new food ideas (and increase check). The fun stuff includes R&D, food shows, menu engineering, descriptions and pricing recommendations and recipe development. 

Culinary Execution

Now that you have all that juicy information from the innovation and still have a restaurant to run, what do you do? Let us help you bring the new dishes to life through sourcing ingredients, vendor/equipment recommendations and in restaurant training. We want to ensure your 4-walls are set up for success with any new menu launch. 

Food Photography

Our food photography has one job - to deliver crave. We focus on capturing the essence of the food with natural lighting, vibrant colors and details. With a wide variety of angles, textures, and props - we want your food to look natural and enticing. Your photography has to work hard for you; whether on your menu, social platforms or to feature in your email sends, it needs to represent your brand. 



New Restaurant Opening Strategy: Planning to exceed the hurdles

Opening a restaurant is stressful. Meeting the investment hurdles the first 18 months of your honeymoon period can be daunting. A strong, operationally friendly NRO manual is imperative to a smooth opening. Focusing on training elements, marketing plan and the friends & family event program - you want to put your best foot forward when you open. 



Franchise Marketing: Delivering hyper targeted planning

Franchise marketing ensures brand integrity, initiatives that deliver sales & guest count growth and local activation building brand equity in each market/community. We work directly with franchisee's to enable the above initiatives grounded in the Corporate vision.